Understanding the Work of a Customer Service Manager

Are you a customer service representative interested in becoming a manager?  Do you believe you have the experience and drive required to be successful? A customer service manager at Kettering towing service is tasked with communicating with inquiring customers, answering support and service questions, following up cases, and providing answers and solutions to all matters of customer service. It may seem like a simple task, but its more that it seems on paper.

Customer Service Job Description

A customer service manager is one in charge of fostering a productive environment on customer service teams. Customer service managers are tasked with overseeing the performance of their employees to ensure the team is keeping up the pace with service demands. These managers often have a high level of understanding of both customer and business needs and have the ability to come up with solutions for both parties.

The primary work of a customer service manager is to ensure there is a retention of profitable customers by providing added value to their customer experience. This can be done by instilling in employees the need to actively listen to their customers and be fully empathetic towards their problems, and additionally provide worth solutions to their problems.

Among the tasks of a customer service manager include;

–         Enabling the service team to be customer-centric and providing an amazing experience, and additionally doing everything possible to keep them accountable as well as removing roadblocks.

–         Having a high-level familiarity with an organization’s products and escalating customer issues to the right teams to have everything solved.

–         Measuring and reporting to other stakeholders regarding the efforts and success of the customer support department.

–         Continually reinventing and re-engineering ways that contribute to improved performance and efficiency on matters of customer service and service delivery.

Daily Tasks of Customer Success Managers

There is a lot of weight placed on the shoulders of customer service managers. They are responsible for delivering a high-quality customer service experience. They work through organizing and motivating service representatives and managing huge volumes of cases. They lead in the front line on issues of support and service delivery and ensure both employees and customers are at their best to succeed.

They are tasked with maintaining a long-lasting relationship with profitable customers. They always strive towards acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. To always maintain a high value for their customers, they have to personally show them why they need to stick with their company. They must build strong relationships with their customers to increase lifetime value.

Customer service managers are also tasked with hiring and training customer service teams. They are responsible for overseeing the hiring process when there are positions that need to be filled. They will read through applications, interview candidates, and make important final decisions on who to bring on board and who to dismiss. Upon hiring, these managers ensure the new representatives are properly trained and are equipped with all relevant tools to be successful. They will continue to support their teams by answering key questions and being resourceful throughout.








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