How to Price a Product That Your Sales Team Can Sell

A good sales time, like the one at tow truck oakton va, works as a high-powered engine. To look for leads, filter those leads down a pipeline and convert them into prospects. However, for sales to happen, your products must be properly priced. The way you set prices for your products and services will have a huge impact on your business. On average, a 1 percent price increase can result in a 9 percent increase in operating profits. Even the smallest changes can yield significant results. New companies often struggle with finding the right pricing. Here are some of the most vital and notable strategies such companies can apply, to ensure they get the results they need.

Identify the value of your product

You need to start by figuring out if your product provides transformative replacement value. Replacement value is created by substituting the existing way of doing something with a slightly better one, which may be cheaper, have superior features, among others. It is typically an improvement in the process, and you will essentially be helping the customer to perform the same functions as they were doing previously, but this time around, in a better way. Transformative value is created by changing the existing way of doing something, to opt for one that eliminates the need for the old process. It is an improvement that makes the way you were previously doing things to be almost irrelevant.

The first step in pricing your products is to think about what type of value it will create for your customers, as well as when that value is created. Let’s say you used to sell software tools for creating video content. This time around, you could position the product as an easier way to produce video content. Additionally, you could position the same as a tool to create a library of videos that are used to find answers to what customers are looking for. Replacement value is normally faster to realize because it solves a problem customers already have, by using a process they are familiar with. In case you are creating a new product category, think about how effective and user-friendly it will be to your customers.

Focus on Economics

You must evaluate the unit economics. Unit economics defines the costs and revenues associated with the sale of a single product. This number will often fluctuate so when pricing your product, look at the margins. If you have a low margin, will you generate enough revenue to cater to all the processes involved in getting the business up and running? Your margins will determine if you can afford to pump more money into research, product development, sales as well as marketing. A tight margin might not be a bad thing when trying to establish yourself in the market, but with time, you should work to ensure you make processes better and better with time.

Understand your competition

Once you have a good understanding of the value you provide and the unit economics of your business, it’s time to take a bigger look at your market outlook. Analyze the price points of other companies and prospects you buy from. Which competitors have the highest quality and how do they price their products? Once you have an understanding of where you stand in the market, position yourself to capitalize and close on any gaps that exist.